Call for abstracts!

We invite you to submit papers and proposals for scientific presentations and discussions. Please submit abstracts that cover different aspects of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine including:

  1. Aesthetic Medicine
    • Aging of the skin and concepts for its rejuvenation
    • Aging of the face and methods of rejuvenation
    • Aging of the body and methods of rejuvenation
    • Aesthetic defects of the face not related to aging only (dark circles under the eyes, nose, chin, jawline)
    • Authologous procedures (blood derivatives, MSC, adipocytes, fibroblasts)
    • Physiology, disorders and aging of the fat tissue and concepts of treatment.
    • Dermatology (pigmentary, vascular leasions, scars, keloids, allopecia, epilation)
    • Difficult faces: „fat” face
    • Difficult cases from my practice
  2. Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine
    • Genomics, epigenetics
    • Regenerative medicine
    • Nutrition, detoxification and supplements
    • Physical activity
  3. Women’s health for aesthetic medicine doctors
    • menopause
    • breast and uterus cancer
    • urinary incontinence
    • vaginal relaxation
  4. Phlebology
  5. Plastic surgery

Qualification process

Each submitted summary will be anonymously evaluated by the Congress' Scientific Committee. Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of works by June 30, 2019.

Approved summaries will be printed in the Congress catalog or a special Congress edition of "Academy of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine”.

Submitting a summary is tantamount to the Author's consent to the processing and sharing of personal data for the organizational needs of the Congress.x